BODY POSITIVITY – You’ve got it all wrong, honey!

Things need a little ‘clearing up’ when it comes to being body positive. I for one am all for promoting body positivity, but I think it’s being slightly misunderstood! If you think being body positive gives you an excuse to be obese, you’ve got it all wrong, honey!

body positivity

Body Positivity does not mean that you are excusing your issues with obesity, your poor lifestyle, your lack of exercise or any other way of neglecting your body. It is actually quite the opposite…

Okay, according to Bustle, Body positivity is a social movement rooted in the belief that all human beings should have a positive body image, and be accepting of their own bodies as well as the bodies of others.’

?? Yes, well done Bustle! Hit the nail right on the head!

I’m the first one to put my hands in the air and tell you there are certain aspects of my body I’d like to improve (my belly, my thighs, my double chin…?Uhhh, you get the picture), but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate my body for what it is now.
It may sound like a total contradiction, but it’s sort of like being grateful for what you have now but still having goals or dreams you’d like to achieve. Get it?!

Body Positivity means that I can look at your body (yes, yours), and not only accept your body the way it is, but appreciate what you have.

Whatever shape or size you may be!

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Hating your body, and hating what you have, will only leave you feeling down, depressed and demotivated, and that’s exactly the point of being ‘body positive’. It’s not about what you look like, but it’s about how you look makes you feel.
Cherish what you have now (regardless of how much weight you want to lose or how toned you want to get) to live a happier, healthier, more productive and motivated life feeling good!

And if anybody tells you otherwise, they’ve got issues, not you!

Glad to be back.

F xo

WARNING: Pilates could destroy your life. It destroyed mine.

A slightly strange and bold statement for an advocate of Pilates to make? Can pilates really destroy your life? Let me explain…

It was a while ago now that all this came about. A hazy memory that set me well on the path to where I am today. Before teaching, before the gym…just a chubbier-than-average twenty-something-year-old.
My life before I’d ever attended my first ever Pilates class saw me working the usual 37.5 hours a week, 9am-5pm bullsh*t, paper pushing in a University corrupted by office politics and coffee drinking bitches (but that’s a whole other story right there!). I hated it – can you tell!? My only comfort was in seriously crap food at lunchtimes and booze once the day had finally ended. Needless to say, this is how I got chubby!

I was certain that misery was going to destroy me…

So much so, I was signed off sick for the best part of 8 months. This wasn’t just misery. This was a serious case of the blues. And things just didn’t get easier. At the start of every month, relief waivered over me as the doctor signed me off for another 4 weeks, but that time slowly ticks down, and before you know it, you’re sick with dread again thinking you’ll be going back to that horrible place.

Even thinking back to my time at the University puts a knot in my stomach.

Anyway, after piling on the stones (yeah, seriously…stones! Plural. Over 3 and a half actually ?), feeling utterly disgusted with the sight of myself, and just seriously down in the dumps every day, I had to pull up enough courage and willpower to join the gym. I was at an all-time low with my self-esteem and confidence, so I can’t even tell you how hard this was. And given the choice, I’d have probably taken to eating my own arm (amongst everything else) than join the gym. But the pro’s of joining far outweighed the con’s (again, that’s a whole other post right there!). And that’s where I found Pilates.
I didn’t really know what Pilates entailed at this point, to be honest. I’d never tried it, and I’d only ever really heard of it because Kate Hudson got plastered all over the Daily Mail with her 10-year post-baby body, that I’d have given BOTH of my middle fingers for!

‘Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle-strength, flexibility and posture.’ – NHS

I found Pilates to be so much more than that.

I was lucky to have an Instructor (Tracy actually…you can meet her in studios of my very own now – how weird!), who took the seriousness and competitiveness out of the class. She made it achievable, and fun, and engaging. Certainly not like all the other classes in that gym! Confidence quickly started to grow. So, I didn’t move from my spot at the back of the class, it’s where I felt comfortable, but I definitely felt a little inner glow.

I was fast becoming a regular.

I really loved it. It made not only my body feel great for the exercise, but having that hour to myself – completely focussing on controlling my body – was so relieving for my busy mind.

Pilates fastly destroyed the life I previously had.
It destroyed the misery I felt. And a life spent at a job that filled me with dread when I woke up in the mornings. It destroyed feelings of worthlessness…

and it gave me a brand new life…

As well as losing 26 pounds (which soon racked up to losing 40 pounds), I had found a new confidence. The confidence to do something about the thing that was making me so miserable. The confidence to go to class week after week, not worrying who was there and that I was on my own. Then the confidence to train as an Instructor. Confidence to set up my own business. Excitement for the future. The motivation for a career. And a passion for something totally beneficial for a healthy life.

And I want to help you discover what it can do for you.

But, I warn you…Pilates could destroy your life. It destroyed mine!

F xo




I’ve gone from telling you how Pilates has destroyed my life, and now here I am, giving you 10 reasons why it may not be for you…do you think I’ve gone loopy?!

Well, here you have it…10 legitimate reasons why you probably wouldn’t want to try Pilates.

1. You completely enjoy the stress and dramas of everyday life; and especially enjoy the effect it has on your body. If this is you, and you bask in the glory of stress and anxiety, then Pilates probably is not up your alley! You could come to class stressed (I’m sure most of my wonderful customers do) but let me assure you, you won’t be stressed when you leave! That all over workout to today’s top tunes will definitely see you from mad-ass to bad-ass!

2. You are NOT a performing Monkey. It’s just not in your nature to have a party trick. You start going to Pilates and within a few sessions you’ll be touching your toes. Already impressive to a few. Keep going, and suddenly you can sit in straddle on the floor and reach so far forward your chest is touching the carpet. It’s becoming second nature for you, but for all other non-Pilates folk, this is quite a skill. Do it again! And again!

3. Used to living life in the shadows? Happy to be invisible? Then, Pilates probably isn’t going to help you continue living this way. Once you start your regular regime, and with your improved posture, a new-found confidence will suddenly take you by storm. You’re now standing taller, looking happier, and absolutely reeking of poise and self-assurance! Everyone is going to notice the change in you, whether you like it or not.

4. You completely disagree with any kind of addiction…Drugs. Alcohol. Gambling. Partake in Pilates and you are committing yourself to a life of addiction. It’s just that feeling you get after class…the benefits you’re starting to feel…the guilt that pickles your body when you couldn’t get there. Those happy little endorphins you’re feeling are what’s getting you totally addicted to Pilates class. Who would thought it?! You…an addict!

5. Every night’s a treat night…And I’m not here to tell you not to. (I mean, I am sat here, 3 glasses of wine and a Galaxy Cookie Crumble down!). But start partaking in Pilates, and those calories just don’t look as inviting as they did before. You start becoming more aware of how you’re body feels after class, and then how your body feels after that stack of cheesy chips. A weekly treat feels much more satisfying now. It just doesn’t feel the same as it did back in the couch potato days!

6. Are you one of those, that will look down when someone you know walks towards you, just so you don’t have to stop and say hello? Yup, I used to do that too. I used to think I would sneak into class at the back, and keep myself to myself. And you thought the same, didn’t you?! Well, unfortunately for you, my classes are extremely sociable. And all of a sudden you find yourself joining in with the banter and abuse of your amazing instructor *cough cough*, and then, before you know what’s happening, you’re a crucial part to this weird and wonderful community, and start chatting to everyone there – no one will even know you were a Debbie Downer before Pilates came along!

7. SKINT. Well, it’s not Pilates itself destroying your bank balance…I mean, at just £5 a session (with me!), it’s not going to break the bank. But you’ve attended a few classes now, and just feel like you need to treat yourself to those new pairs of leggings you spotted online. There’s no point in buying them without the matching sports bra though, right? Before you know it, a few months have gone by and you’re filling your ‘gym drawer’ out with H&M Sport, and then it’s too late…You’re entering into the realms of ‘Sport Snobbery’ and you start investing in the brand new Nike Printed Leggings! Be careful, it’s a slippery slope…

8. Visible abs make you squeamish. You’re perfectly happy with the little muffin around your middle…it keeps you warm in the winter. And this is another reason you probably shouldn’t attend. Say bye-bye to your little tummy-lover, with a significant focus on core strength in Pilates, you’ll be toning those abs to within an inch of your life! You’ll have the body of Kate Hudson in no time at all.

9. Verbal diarrhoea. There we go…it just takes the total lack of knowledge of just one person, or their complete uncertainty of Pilates, and you’re talking the hind legs off a donkey! You just can’t stop…your whole experience of Pilates, and the significant impact it’s had on your life is now all you can talk about. You’ll need to ensure you pack those Oral Imodium’s in your handbag, because you never know when you’re next episode of Pilates verbal diarrhoea is going to happen.

10. The easy ride. And I understand…who the hell wouldn’t want to reap all the benefits of Pilates from an easy-lying-on-the-mat regime!? But an easy ride is something you’re not going to get with Pilates! It may seem all airy-fairy when you’re warming up, but once you start on moves like The Hundred, Double Leg Stretch, and Teaser, you soon realise this is not what you signed up for: hard work.

So there you have it. 10 reasons Pilates may not be for you!

F x