WARNING: Pilates could destroy your life. It destroyed mine.

A slightly strange and bold statement for an advocate of Pilates to make? Can pilates really destroy your life? Let me explain…

It was a while ago now that all this came about. A hazy memory that set me well on the path to where I am today. Before teaching, before the gym…just a chubbier-than-average twenty-something-year-old.
My life before I’d ever attended my first ever Pilates class saw me working the usual 37.5 hours a week, 9am-5pm bullsh*t, paper pushing in a University corrupted by office politics and coffee drinking bitches (but that’s a whole other story right there!). I hated it – can you tell!? My only comfort was in seriously crap food at lunchtimes and booze once the day had finally ended. Needless to say, this is how I got chubby!

I was certain that misery was going to destroy me…

So much so, I was signed off sick for the best part of 8 months. This wasn’t just misery. This was a serious case of the blues. And things just didn’t get easier. At the start of every month, relief waivered over me as the doctor signed me off for another 4 weeks, but that time slowly ticks down, and before you know it, you’re sick with dread again thinking you’ll be going back to that horrible place.

Even thinking back to my time at the University puts a knot in my stomach.

Anyway, after piling on the stones (yeah, seriously…stones! Plural. Over 3 and a half actually ?), feeling utterly disgusted with the sight of myself, and just seriously down in the dumps every day, I had to pull up enough courage and willpower to join the gym. I was at an all-time low with my self-esteem and confidence, so I can’t even tell you how hard this was. And given the choice, I’d have probably taken to eating my own arm (amongst everything else) than join the gym. But the pro’s of joining far outweighed the con’s (again, that’s a whole other post right there!). And that’s where I found Pilates.
I didn’t really know what Pilates entailed at this point, to be honest. I’d never tried it, and I’d only ever really heard of it because Kate Hudson got plastered all over the Daily Mail with her 10-year post-baby body, that I’d have given BOTH of my middle fingers for!

‘Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle-strength, flexibility and posture.’ – NHS

I found Pilates to be so much more than that.

I was lucky to have an Instructor (Tracy actually…you can meet her in studios of my very own now – how weird!), who took the seriousness and competitiveness out of the class. She made it achievable, and fun, and engaging. Certainly not like all the other classes in that gym! Confidence quickly started to grow. So, I didn’t move from my spot at the back of the class, it’s where I felt comfortable, but I definitely felt a little inner glow.

I was fast becoming a regular.

I really loved it. It made not only my body feel great for the exercise, but having that hour to myself – completely focussing on controlling my body – was so relieving for my busy mind.

Pilates fastly destroyed the life I previously had.
It destroyed the misery I felt. And a life spent at a job that filled me with dread when I woke up in the mornings. It destroyed feelings of worthlessness…

and it gave me a brand new life…

As well as losing 26 pounds (which soon racked up to losing 40 pounds), I had found a new confidence. The confidence to do something about the thing that was making me so miserable. The confidence to go to class week after week, not worrying who was there and that I was on my own. Then the confidence to train as an Instructor. Confidence to set up my own business. Excitement for the future. The motivation for a career. And a passion for something totally beneficial for a healthy life.

And I want to help you discover what it can do for you.

But, I warn you…Pilates could destroy your life. It destroyed mine!

F xo